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Discovering Your Professional Accomplishments

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Hiring managers love to see accomplishments on your resume, but coming up with some isn't

always easy. Maybe you have the type of job where you do the same tasks every day, and you feel like you haven't accomplished anything. Don't worry! You can discover your hidden accomplishments with the handy list below. Read through the list and think about whether you've done any of these things at your job. If you have, congratulations! You have an accomplishment!

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  • Have you contributed to any major projects? Maybe you helped convert the office computers to a new software application, created part of an advertising campaign, or helped organize an event.

  • Have you created or improved any processes or procedures? For example, you might have changed the way your company handles client invoices, re-organized the file system, or developed a process for new project requests.

  • Did you get a promotion?

  • Have you received any awards or recognition for your work?

  • Have you saved the company money or made money for the company? You might have found a vendor that provides the same products for a lower price, automated a process to save time, or discovered an accounting error. Or maybe you brought in a big new client or made a big sale.

  • Have you represented the company at any industry events like trade shows or conventions?

  • Have you persuaded the company to make a change? Maybe you made a presentation that convinced your department to switch to Agile development or provided data that convinced them to upgrade their computer systems.

  • Did you hire, train, or mentor any other employees? This is especially significant if the employee earned recognition or a promotion.

  • Have you consistently met or exceeded your quotas, targets, or goals? It may not seem like doing your best every day is an accomplishment, but it is! Give yourself credit!


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