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Where to Find Remote Jobs

With the recent surge in layoffs, multiple pandemics, and some companies requiring their employees to return to the office, a lot of people are looking for remote work right now. If you're one of them, I don't blame you! Remote work is amazing! I've been working remotely for 11 years, and I would never go back to working onsite. Unfortunately, it can be hard to figure out where to find legitimate remote jobs that aren't scams. Don't worry! I got you covered with my big list of where to find remote work!

The following is a list of websites that I have personally used to find real remote opportunities, plus some tips on how to best utilize them, in alphabetical order.

  • – Search for the job title. Select Jobs from the category drop-down, and check the telecommuting ok filter. Look in other cities outside of where you live. If you’re looking for IT jobs, try the San Francisco Bay Area. NYC also has a lot of jobs.

  • (IT only) – Search for the job title and check either the Remote Only or Work From Home Available filter.

  • – Charges a fee either monthly or every three months. Use code "NEWYEAR" for 50% off or "NEWJOB30" for 30% off. Search for the job title and check either the 100% Remote Work or Option for Remote Work filter.

  • – Search for the job title and turn on the Work From Home Only filter under the More menu.

  • Google Jobs – Search for remote + job title + jobs (e.g. "remote technical writer jobs").

  • – Search for the job title and select the Remote filter from the Location menu.

  • – Their job search is OK, but I find more jobs just from looking at content that people post. Search for remote + job title (e.g. “remote technical writer”), select the Posts filter, and select Latest from the Sort by filter.

  • – Click the link on the homepage to subscribe to their daily emails. The jobs fill up quickly, so if you see something you like, apply right away.

  • - I know the name of the site sounds kind of scammy, but it's legit. Click Hiring Now to see the latest available remote jobs.

  • – Mostly freelance gigs, but you can find some full time jobs occasionally. You have to set up an account to apply. All jobs are remote.

  • – They have a free subscription option that gives you partial access to their job board. For full access, you have to upgrade to Premium and pay an annual fee. Right now you can get 20% off here.

Pro tip: if your industry has a professional organization, check their website to see if they have job listings or a job board.


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